Ignatia, a full moon and a baby seagull


My middle child Sam was at home with an ear infection so another trip to the doctors for antibiotics ensued.  I bumped into my previous Pilates teacher en route to the doctor and she was most interested to know how I was doing.  She is a very kind lady and always smiling, having gone through “stuff” as we all have she felt it in her heart to recommend a book to me called “The Shack” by Wm Young.  I haven’t had a chance to read it but will have a look sometime as it has come on good recommendation.  When I returned home with Sam in tow (along with banana flavoured medecine) I was delighted that my bus pass had arrived – mobile again! This really made me happy, a few months ago if anybody had told me I would be ecstatic at a bus pass I would have laughed at them.  But I guess everything has changed since then.  Also in the post today my next homeopathy remedy Ignatia 6m from my homeopathic doctor Jenny Grist who hopes it will help with nerve regeneration and the emotional side of some of the anger I have been feeling http://www.homeopathydevon.org I think that anything is worth a try if it helps.

Sam recovered well and all 3 boys were back at school the next day whereby I met up with a friend for coffee and scotch broth soup  still trying to get the goodness in!  The afternoon saw a follow up meeting with the Children’s Centre http://www.barnardos.org.uk/devoncc/Okehamptoncc who have been so supportive to me whilst this has been going on.  We were remembering a parenting course I did about structured play with preschoolers and I had made teatime into a medieval banquet, with the boys as my Knights and me as the queen.  This it would seem made quite an impression and has been used in further courses as a good example.  Those days seem long gone now….. Especially when the boys returned from school and we’re all being naughty then I realised it was a full moon and they always go wild.

Today saw a trip to Exeter using my new bus pass which nearly killed me as I hadn’t realised how tiring shopping is and had to get a bus up the High Street as couldn’t walk it.  How on earth I am going to do my run on Saturday I do not know! Anyway the best bargain of the day was a scarf I found in a shop closing down for £1 and in Marks and Spencer’s they were charging £19.50 I was feeling very proud of myself at my bargain.  When I finally made it to the bus station to get the bus home a brave baby seagull came to join me it was trying to get my lunch!  I don’t normally have patience for them but this guy was a cutie.


Positive thought: no matter what is going on for you, find the slither of joy in the day

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