Windy seashore, little lobsters and a dancing stuffed parrot


Have just got back from a weekend with my boys at a Youth Hostel in Treyarnon Bay near Padstow in Cornwall.  We started youth hosteling at the end of 2014 it had taken me nearly a year to save up enough Tesco Clubcard Points to triple them up to afford a weekend away!  Anyway we stayed Minehead on Exmoor which was gorgous but Treyarnon was right on the Seafront metres from the beach.  Me, Rob, and the boys went, unfortunately Beamish couldn’t come so my neighbour looked after him while we were away.   Sam had an earache so we thought that we may not get to do much as the Arctic Blast was whistling around the hostel.  But undeterred we  wrapped up and battled on and made sure to get out for a walk along the cliffs at which point we nearly got blown off the top but saw some amazing waves and a spray vortex in between the mainland and a small outcrop of rocks.  We also went to the Lobster Hatchery in Padstow which I was surprisingly impressed with as didn’t think there could be much of interest in there.  But all boys enjoyed themselves and found it fascinating to see the little babies who actually eat each other in the wild!  Needless to say they were separated in the tanks to avoid any mishaps with their siblings.  I highly recommend this place to visit if in the area.

Back to the youth hostel for an evening meal and coffee and conversation with some fascinating people.  The good thing with youth hostels is they don’t generally have televisions so everyone sits around and chats in the lounge in the evening.  I met Max from Birmingham a very smiley friendly Chinese man who stays frequently at hostels,very friendly and spent a lot of time catching up on his work on his laptop.  Jess and Andy who had been trying to achieve walking the Cornish Coast Path from one end to the other and Liz and her husband who had just finished teaching in Oman for 2 years and live for holidays and visiting places in the world.  Liz was looking at a guide book for California which looked great.  They were telling me they managed to get £50 flights to Morocco… I have my passport……!  My boys really enjoy sitting and playing games, although my youngest Eli was getting a bit bored when Paul the chef brought out this stuffed talking parrot which when you stroke it it does a little dance.  Well Eli loved it and was laughing heartily every time this parrot set off.

It was a great weekend, so good I almost forgot I have MS.  I didn’t sleep great but went wondering in the middle of the night and watched the waves in the moonlight crashing against the rocks.  Mesmerising and spectacular.

Positive thought: don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today

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