Espaliers and homeopathy


Today I have been up and down with the emotional/mood side of things with this illness but never one to give up I was soon cheered up by my friend Colin who came by to put the wires along the fence for the espalier apples to grow along.  We went on a trip last year to buy them from the nursery and this year he came by to wire them along the fence which will train them all the way down and they should fruit in about 2 or 3 years time.  I am so excited.  Fresh apples from my own back garden.  I have gone for “Spartan” and “Red Windsor Variety”.  I have ordered a Bramley (not an espalier) for the front garden as I don’t think many people will scrump those at the front of the house.  I am trying to grow what I can so I can eat fresh food from the back garden.  Even though I need help to do this I am undeterred as I feel it is the best thing I can do for my children feeding them as much home grown as possible.  The depressing thing was I noticed again how weak I am becoming and wasn’t able to help much at all.  Colin mentioned about keeping chickens to lay then eat when they finish laying.  It has got me thinking……I think that would be a fab idea.

Lunch saw a gorgeous homemade vegetable soup with swede, carrots, leeks, potato,onions, herbs and stock.  Mopped up with brown bread from the bread maker. Washed down with coconut milk.  I find it hilarious that with all this homegrown, homemade healthy stuff I can be ill at all.  I guess it is just how the cookie crumbles.  One of my friends told me the other day that maybe it prevented the illness from happening sooner.  The age for most people for diagnosis is between 20-40 I believe and my letter of diagnosis was dated 14 October 2014 – my 40th birthday!  So who knows?

After lunch my Homeopathic doctor came.  I spoke to her about the emotions/mood side of things and she is going to send me a remedy she hopes may help with moods and any further nerve damage.  She thinks I look very well since she last saw me, I joked and told her it is all these thousands of vitamins I am taking!  She also thinks it is a very good thing I am doing Tai Chi as this is meant to be very effective for the balance and co-ordination.  I felt so much better after seeing these people, I am sure I am being watched over and something good will come of all of this.  Feeling blessed as I write this.

Positive thought: any help offered receive with open arms and be thankful.

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