Clearing and dreaming

At home today waiting for a courier to come collect all our old DVDs and CDs, they will even give us some cash for them which is always a good thing.  I have also been waiting to hear about some job applications, I had a response from an office job today, no interview for me this time.  Oh well keep trying.  My little dream about visiting the Gloworm caves seems so far away.  My dear old dad sent me some money towards my passport as I haven’t got an up-to-date one so I have sent that off – every journey starts with small steps and I will never be able to go anywhere if I don’t have a passport.  I don’t even know if my health will be good enough to do it but am trusting everything will turn out for the best.  I have set up a New Zealand pot and started to put some money in it just in case!

Yesterday I went to Tai Chi, not sure if it helps yet, I nearly fell twice.  My favourite movement so far is where you draw a heart around your body, can’t remember the name of it but it is very relaxing.  For that alone it is worth attending.  I cannot remember the sequence of anything my concentration goes after about half an hour but I am trusting it helps with the balance and co-ordination as it promises to do.

More and more people are booking onto the 5km run I keep getting emails from people telling me they are joining in, all for Global Crisis Children’s Charity and MS Society.  I feel totally honoured that so many people are supporting, it is balancing out the rejections from jobs and turn downs from things I thought were in place to help people in my situation yet I keep getting told “You don’t qualify” for whatever reason.  It seems I am either not disabled enough (which I am most definitely not arguing about) or I wouldn’t be able to do it because of MS.  So there is light to focus on through the darkness.

I am also waiting for my bus pass to come, then I will be mobile again and be able to go visit my family around Devon.

Still looking forward to this weekend trip to Padstow by the sea with all 4 boys, however, some of their classmates are dropping like flies with a vomiting bug so I hope mine don’t get it or we won’t be going anywhere!

As I finish today’s entry my passport has just turned up!  The dream is on!

Positive thought for the day: Dream

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