I got up this morning and even though the tiredness was draining before I had even got out of bed I fought it and went for a run.  I did about 2.5 miles and was pleased as it is now only 2 weeks until the 5km at Stover and I want to be ready.  The endorphins put me in good spirits and all day I was seeing the funny side of things (probably to the annoyance of everyone around me!)

One funny thing today, my middle child Sam who is only 6 years old kind of has his own language which none of us can understand, apparently it is something to do with “minions talk”.  Anyway we were talking about life before MS and now, suddenly Sam pipes up “yeah it was so much better before you had Multiskipulosis!”  Well that was it, we all fell to pieces laughing at the faux part.  I had to blog about it so I don’t forget as I am bound to forget and it was a beezer of a word.

The rest of the day was a typical Sunday.  Rob and Tom went to a football tournament whilst me and Sam and Eli went to church.  Then after church we went to the football place so that Sam could play his matches and Rob took the others home.  I stayed for the football with Sam even though the bright lights really bothered me and I have started to struggle getting up and down off the floor.  Never mind I got home safely with Sam and the boys settled down to play Xbox whilst Rob prepared roast chicken.  We had the full roast chicken dinner, with Apple crumble and ice cream for afters.

I am looking forward to my 4 week Tai Chi course which starts tomorrow hoping upon hope it helps my balance as I am slowly turning into a wobbly wobbler!  Other things I am waiting to hear about this week are the outcome of 2 jobs I have applied for whether I get interviews or not.  I had been attempting to get back to work when the boys all got to school last September which all went horribly wrong with the diagnosis.  You see I really want to earn some money as I am very keen especially now to try to achieve my dream which is to visit New Zealand.  I have wanted to visit New Zealand since I was at University 20 years ago and it now seems more urgent as I am getting weaker by the week. So I am waiting with anticipation to see if I get an interview.  Hopefully my bus pass will come too so I can actually get to the interviews!

positive thought for the day: laugh

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