Walking in the sunshine

Today it was glorious sunshine here on Dartmoor so I thank goodness I had organised to go for a long dog walk.  Last week when we went I felt really disheartened as struggled to make it but today was a different matter.  I made sure I am properly hydrated by drinking plenty of coconut water and eating fruit.  This seems to be helping as walking today did not feel so difficult.  I did make a big boo boo though.  I took my Meds this morning, forgot I had taken them and took them again an hour later.  Oops! After a panic phone call to the pharmacist for advice, I realised I had got away with it this time.  Phew!  So anyway, I explained to my friend I may be a bit spacey, it was fine.  The moor was clear as far as the eye could see, the ponies nuzzling together, the sheep grazing and not another soul around – perfect!  We walked all around opposite Gibbets Hill by the leat and the water works, not so far this time as I was quite wobbly, even the wind was swaying me today.  Back home for cake and tea before a farewell until a couple of weeks time. I realised I had missed lunch so made myself a banana and blueberry smoothie, blueberries are antioxidants which are meant to be a good thing, something about mopping up free radicals??? I am trying to juice stuff up where I can as I find drinking the good stuff in is a better way to get it into me especially with the swallowing issue I have at the moment.  I am hopeful the speech therapist will be able to help that.

The boys came home from school and it soon became pandemonium, Rob was in a bad mood as our eldest  had been trouble for the teacher all week and she spoke to Rob about it.  Lots of telling off ensued and my lovely walk in the sunshine soon faded away.  I can’t help but worry that the children will be affected by me being ill and feel quite frustrated that I can’t do what I could.  Whenever something like this happens I feel a huge sense of responsibility and that it most definitely must be my fault in some way.  I went to comfort Tom who was quite upset that nothing is as it was and “mummy you can’t do anything” this comment broke my heart and I hate it that I have this illness.  I hope they find a cure.

It was homemade pizza for tea with lots of hidden goodness blitzed up in the sauce so the boys didn’t realise the were actually eating, spinach, celery, mushrooms, garlic, onions and tomatoes.   That’s over the 5 a day! Yay!

I am starting to look forward to next weekend when we are going to a youth hostel by the sea with the kids. I love being by the sea so I can’t wait. The boys just think it’s fab staying anywhere other than home so I hope it will do us all good. I have booked the hostel to do us breakfast and dinner to save us cooking and it is so cheap I probably couldn’t do it any cheaper and it will save us faffing around in supermarkets.

I am changing Meds over the next week upping one lot and reducing another so pray that there won’t be too many side effects.

Positive thought for the day: trust

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