Hyperbaric oxygen and MS Nurse

So it has been a few days since I last posted anything.  This week I started off with investigating the Exeter MS Therapy Centre – they offer hyperbaric oxygen for a small fee so I think I will join and use their facilities.  I completed the paperwork for that, it needs the doctor to verify that it will be safe for me, another form!   The hyperbaric oxygen will not cure the condition but apparently patients feel a benefit which they cannot explain but know they haven’t had it if they go away for a couple of weeks.  I am intrigued to try this in a few weeks time once all the paperwork is complete and start to become part of the MS Community.

I also sent off for my free bus pass, as my driving licence has currently been revoked due to vision problems.  This will enable me to get around a bit better.  I am looking forward to travelling around Devon without the need to find a parking space. Every cloud……!

I have to say that the last few months have been so hard, I had thought I was going back to work when the children all went to school, then got the diagnosis and my whole world started to fall apart.  I have been on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from extreme sadness at the loss of the active person I was to finding extreme happiness that I really am totally blessed to have such a supportive husband and 3 gorgeous boys here living  in a most beautiful part of the world.  Also great anger at people telling me not to “give in to it” or not to run as I shouldn’t be able to do that now.

I met my MS Nurse today and she is amazing, again I feel so lucky to have this band of people forming around me to help.  She was so understanding and put all my fears to rest and reassured me everything I am feeling is normal.  She even told me it is fine to run and came up with a possible solution to the vision problem may be that I am overheating when I run and also how important it is for the nerve endings to be hydrated.  So I am still on for my 5km!  We also talked about the DMDs I have 4 options to consider. 1 is oral but has horrendous side effects along with fortnightly blood tests and the other 3 are injected with blood tests monthly.  I have a month to think what to do.  I don’t have to have them but the consultant is strongly advising that I do.

I am also applying for jobs and considering a college course, trying doors to see which one opens.  I either try to get work in the area I worked in years ago or train in something completely new.  I am not sure what to do yet.  So it has been a busy week so far!  I went for a run this morning and did 2.7 miles, it was just under 13 mins per mile so I was pleased.  I hope with the tips from the MS Nurse it will be more comfortable for me.  I will always keep trying.

Positive thought for the day:- count your blessings, ignore the rest

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