imageHad a bit of  energy this morning so decided to go for a run in preparation for the 5k in February.  I had been getting a bit disheartened as 18 mths ago it was taking me around 9 mins to run a mile and as you can see above it is now over 13 minutes a mile.  Not sure if this is going to improve as I just seem to be getting slower.  The problem is when I start running, very quickly my vision diminishes.  So far it seems to make no difference to distance whether I just run around the park or 3 miles the vision goes just as bad in each instance!  A few weeks ago I was all up for doing a marathon but I feel this is probably impossible unless the DMDs (disease modifying drugs) can help with the weakness and vision.  Let’s hope the beta interferon will help.  I will keep trying to help this condition.  This morning I signed up for another 4 week Tai Chi class hoping this will help with the balance.  A good day planned today I am going to get my bus pass photo taken so I will be able to get around a bit more.  Again I am missing my driving licence and everything takes ten times longer!  Staying positive, the sun is shining today over Dartmoor I am blessed to live in such a place, to see it and breathe it and just ‘be’ in it.

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