Jobs and juice

Went to see the DEA (disability employment adviser) today and she was most helpful. My friend was going up to Exeter and I managed to get a lift there and back.  My appointment lasted one hour and by the end I was exhausted but learnt some more ways forward from here, including places to work with two ticks on logo (positive for disabled people) are sympathetic employers to people with health conditions, there are colleges which support people with disabilities and help into work, and also a by the side comment to remember my husband who is having to hold a job down and do all this extra stuff and just to remember he may be feeling a bit left out.  I am slowly being surrounded by an army of people who can help me but he is having to cope on his own.    I treated myself to a pasty for lunch then about an hour later felt really ill and even more tired so I decided to juice up a load of stuff from the fridge including, ginger, lemon, apple,spinach and celery.  Within 20mins I felt better.  It looked GRIM but tasted yummy!  This time I have managed to put a picture in but cannot seem to move it!   The picture had to be of the green smoothie which looks awful but actually tasted nice.  I am finding that eating foods with lots of fat I.e pastries or buns don’t help.  Doesn’t mean I don’t eat them but the body definitely breaks down fresh stuff easiest.  Probably common sense to most. Point to remember for the day is tell my hubby I love him.


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