Beta-interferon – Needles or no needles

Haven’t made an entry for a few days as have been in horrendous pain and struggled to get out of bed on Monday.  Yesterday I went to see the consultant who isn’t really sure what type of MS I have as I don’t fit clearly into one category or another.  However he has decided to put me in the relapsing remitting category. He will be putting up my painkillers by 6 times (!!!!!!) and starting betainterferon which is an injection – I HATE injections so not sure what to do…..I am in a panic already.  I am continuing with the vitamin b complex, vitamin c, magnesium, MSM and Epsom salts and the homeopathic remedy nat mur I feel very bright today, but can’t notice a clear  link yet.  I walked the dog today and made sure I ate my oily fish, greens and fruits.  Not so tired and achy so maybe it helps today.  I have also been in touch with my tai chi teacher who may know of someone in the States who knows something about why tai chi is meant to help and I have also asked him to ask about nerve regeneration and the formation of alternative neural pathways. Watch this space. Me and my littlest boy have been playing Solitaire to keep my brain going! Maths seems easier at the moment – must be a different area of the brain.  But if they told me to go and learn Latin to help preserve myself and prevent further damage I would do it!  I feel like I am swamped with all the information about everything at the moment!

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