Juicing, soup, vitamin b12 complex and magnesium

So today saw the boys football club cancelled due to muddy conditions. Instead we all stayed at home giving me the ample opportunity to make some of my dads Scottish vegetable soup including onions, leeks, carrots, swede, cabbage and potatoes.  Whilst I made this I also juiced up some apples and raspberries from the freezer to wash down the MSM and vitamin d.  Still alongside gabapentin and cocodamol at the moment due to pain! This got me and Rob talking about how the body digests food and it is probably easier if it is made into a soup or juiced up!   I have to say I am feeling ok today, not sure if there is a link.  Surely if food is liquidised then it is easier absorbed?   I would imagine the stomach has to work harder on poorly chewed chunks.  After a lovely lunch with aforementioned soup and homemade brown bread me and Eli popped down to town to get some cheese.  As always happens I can’t seem to pass the health food shop without going in! I wanted some Epsom Salts which I find help to ease the muscle aches and whilst there asked for any extra help on vitamins with MS.   She looked at several books for me and it seems magnesium may be good for the nerves and vitamin b12 complex is said to help the myelin sheath.  Also other ideas which came out were to cut out crisps (which I love!) and reduce caffeine.  All good ideas.  I did actually remember the cheese, normally I forget what I went down for!  Anyway time to go am out tonight for a friend birthday……

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