Vitamins and minerals and mindfulness

Another wet cold and horrible day today here on Dartmoor.  I decided to use my time efficiently on myself!!! No exercise today as I did some yesterday and need to rest.  So first of all when my hubby had taken the children to school I juiced up all the oranges from the fruit bowl, took some MSM and vitamin d and sat down with my information on Vitamins and Minerals.  The info I found today is quite fascinating, apparently we need lots of plant material to give us not only vitamins but minerals too which help build up the immune system (I’m guessing pretty useful when one has MS!), expands intelligence and increases energy.  Sometimes the form they come in can be important too so some people may find they struggle to swallow capsules or even that they are unable to digest them so a liquid drink may help as it is more easily digestible.  I think that I may try to purchase a bottle and drink it alongside my juiced fruit!  I also came across an amazing site on social media called “Food Matters” and it gives lots of good fresh fruit smoothie recipes which I am excited about too.  This rolls neatly into the idea that to look after ourselves we can be mindful of what exactly we put into our bodies.  Unfortunately I don’t seem to be anywhere near a point yet which involves a life without chocolate biscuits but you never know!….so mindfulness too….good for relaxation and meditation.  It is about life only being available to us in the present moment, what happened last week is gone, an hour ago is gone, right now as I sit here breathing gently whilst I write my blog on my iPad I am completely content.  Anything which may or may not happen next week has no power to me at the moment.  Being grateful frequently for the small things….my dog lying next to me, the children happily playing in the room adjacent etc.  Even doing the dishes mindfully can change a mood apparently.  All these things are very interesting to me.  Will they cure MS – no.  Will they help living with it day by day? Abso-flipping-lutely.  So therefore it has got be be worth pursuing.  Not sure if I will have the chance to put entries in over the weekend but on Monday I am off to a Tai Chi class which should help with balance and co-ordination…….watch this space…

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