Nothing helps today!

So today I woke up with a spinning head and pain everywhere.  It was also raining so did I really want to go out and run today?  But as I have kind of found out using the power of the Internet exercise helps with MS and luckily I have a turbo trainer so decided to do a half hour workout on it.  It turns out that the whole bike was set up peculiarly and when I pushed the pedals around it made a huge banging noise which set the dogs off barking next door so worried I would disturb the neighbours I just grabbed the keys of the house and went for a little jog around the park after all.  Didn’t even manage a mile and my vision started to fail so I  made sure I went a route I really know.  I didn’t go far as the painkillers were stretched today and even the MSM didn’t seem to be helping.  Pain ensued as the day went on and along with it a downturn in mood.  I have also started to get nosebleeds which I must talk to the consultant about.  Alongside this I am extremely breathless today.  To top it all off my husband was going out with my eldest boy at tea time and whilst trying to do the meals for the other boys I kept forgetting who wanted what.  Panic!  Not a great day, no exercise or alternative stuff helped me much today but tomorrow is another day….Positive things today, a certificate came from a Health and Nutrition course I completed last year.  I am beginning to look into relaxation techniques, in particular mindfulness and meditation.  I am finding playing soothing music can also help to calm the nervous system.  Start again tomorrow……

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