Does sport and alternative stuff help MS?

I am new to blogging so please bear with me! Last year I turned 40 which I celebrated for many months and then I was hit with the bombshell that I have multiple screlosis.  I had felt unwell for many months and the doctors kept saying it was because I have 3 boys aged 8, 6 and 4 and I was stressed.  I finally managed to persuade them to refer me for a brain scan which consequently lit up like a Xmas tree and there we have it.  You see, my own mum had MS and died when she was 44 and it’s not meant to be hereditary.  Lucky me!  I am interested in sport especially running along with alternative therapies I.e homeopathy, reflexology etc.  So I wanted to blog about all this as I am hoping it will help others if I find anything useful along the way.  Am going to try to keep it positive but I am sure that there will not be easy times ahead for me and my family. I was running half marathons but that is not possible at the moment due to vision problems and muscle weakness but I can run about 3 miles so am signing up for a 5km run at Stover to do what I can while I can.  As far as the natural stuff is going I am taking vitamin d, MSM and juicing where I can to keep as healthy as possible. Let’s see what happens along the way!

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